To All HDI’s and Students,
Training resources in the form of the Aikido Goshinkai Training Manual, Taigi DVD and Weapons DVDs will be available at all of the seminars being held throughout 2019.
These resources provide an ideal link between dojo training programs and the opportunity to consolidate the individuals understanding of Aikido Principles and the application of these skills and techniques..
Aikido Goshinkai Training Manual: $20
Taigi DVD: $20
Weapons DVD’s (Bokken and Jo): $25
These resources will be a available at the sign on desk (package deals are available to dojos and/ or individuals) at the Aikido Community Dojo at the South Tweed Sports Club from Saturday 16th February 2019.

Taigi Arts DVD by Michael P. Williams

Aikido Bokken and Jo Arts by Michael P. Williams

Aikido Goshinkai Handbook by Michael P. Williams

Please contact Michael Williams Sensei (

or Elisabeth Andel Sensei ( for further information.